Cala Mondragó, Mallorca

Cala Mondragó, the location for one of the parties.

10-08-2021Mateo Cladera

The Balearic government's directorate for natural spaces and biodiversity has opened proceedings against the organiser of two beach parties - one in Cala Mondragó (Santanyi), the other on Es Carbó beach by Colonia Sant Jordi.

The Mondragó party was on the night of June 22 to 23 and the Es Carbó party was on June 24. Giant screens were installed and a generator was used in places of community interest (meaning that they have specific environmental protection).

The environment ministry refers to legislation of 2005 (the law of conservation for "environmental importance") in stating that the holding of parties or mass events on boats that have music or anything else which "significantly alters natural sound levels" constitutes a violation. This is considered to be an activity which is incompatible with conservation and with the enjoyment of beaches by other people.

The organiser faces a fine of 7,500 euros.


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John Law / Hace 5 months

They should start proceedings against all tbose that organise "parties", - boat parties, pub crawl groups etc. They're designed to attract the very people, and behaviour, that we don't want, or need for Mallorca to move forward and regain its quality tourism stutus....


JohnG / Hace 5 months

Another reason to go elswere from this Island to avoid the anti tourist government