A catamaran is usually hired for a week.


According to boat rental websites Click & Boat and Nautal, demand for nautical tourism in Spanish destinations has grown on average by 48% since 2019. This "demonstrates" the increasing importance of this segment, and not just because of the pandemic.

Of all destinations, the Balearic Islands have been the most in demand this summer among both national and foreign visitors. For Spain generally, foreign demand has risen 65% this summer, this growth comparing with 53% in 2019 and 30% last year.

For Spanish tourists, specific destinations most in demand are - in order - Minorca, Ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona and the Costa Blanca. With regard to foreign tourists, the UK and Germany lead the way, with Ibiza being the favourite destination for UK tourists, followed by Mallorca, Marbella, Minorca and Barcelona. For the German market, Mallorca ranks second behind Croatia, one of the leading competitors to Spain.

For the French, the preferred destinations in Spain are Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Minorca and Mallorca, while the Italians prefer Ibiza, Formentera and Minorca.

The typical profile of a Spanish nautical tourist this summer is male, aged 45 to 55, from Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia and with, in addition to yachting, an interest in gastronomy and other sport in destinations.

Favourite boats for hire are motorboats, then inflatables, sailboats and catamarans. In the case of inflatable boats and motorboats, these are usually used for one-day excursions. Catamarans and sailboats are generally rented for periods of seven days.