Street Artist, Joan Aguilo on the steps of Parc de sa Riera. | Teresa Ayuga


Joan Aguiló is so famous for his street art he’s been dubbed the ‘Banksy of Mallorca’ and commissions are coming in thick and fast.

His work can be seen all over Mallorca and at least a dozen of his masterpieces are in Palma.

Infrastructures Councillor, Angélica Pastor has just commissioned him to decorate the steps of Parc de sa Riera and Joan has decided to paint them with a field of daisies

"The idea is to cheer it up a bit and change the harsh aesthetics of the cement amphitheater, so I suggested painting a field of daisies,” said Aguiló, who’s enlisted the help of fellow artist, Pere Bernat to complete the 1,000 square metre project.


Spectacular murals painted by Joan Aguiló can be seen at Mercat de l’Olivar, Soller train station, Banc de Sang i Teixits Headquarters and Jafudà Cresques school.