Graffiti in Palma, Mallorca

Cleaning graffiti costs "thousands of euros".


Palma town hall has introduced a neighbourhood graffiti cleaning plan. Twenty workers from the parks and gardens and lighting sections form this new anti-graffiti team, infrastructure councillor Angelica Pastor explaining that "we will advance month by month through all the neighbourhoods".

At a Friday presentation of the scheme, Pastor said that the cost of cleaning graffiti involves "thousands of euros from municipal coffers". Mayor José Hila made an appeal for responsible citizenship. "More and more," he stressed, "those who do this vandalism will pay for it."

Graffiti "is a priority" for the town hall, said the mayor, who referred to the service being offered by the Emaya municipal services agency to clean graffiti from private buildings at a symbolic price of two euros per square metre. Hila announced that in the event of graffiti reappearing where it has previously been cleaned, it will be removed free of charge.

The mayor added that the police have been having to deal with issues arising from the pandemic. More resources and money can now be used to find the perpetrators of antisocial acts.


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Peter / Hace 3 months

It will only reappear unless they put some sort of deterrent in place. Nearly 20 years ago the UK introduced an age limit on the sale of spray cans, what about doing that here. And as I have mentioned put cameras up.