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Santa Catalina residents : terrifying weekend

"Those affected have endured another day without being able to sleep. The streets have dawned with urine in many corners, broken glass bottles on the floor and other remains of binge drinking, accumulated in some places for several days."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/08/2022 14:55


Why isn't my passport being stamped on arrival in the Balearics?

On my last two occasions visiting Ibiza on direct UK flights, my UK passport has not been exit-stamped by Spanish immigration authorities upon leaving Ibiza back to the UK.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter08/06/2022 16:40

Graffiti in Palma.

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Palma is dirty, abandoned and full of graffiti!

Recuperem claims that the new General Urban Planning Plan is contrary to local trade in Palma city centre and other neighbourhoods.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter26/04/2022 10:09

La Lonja area of Palma, Mallorca

La Lonja area of Palma, Mallorca

La Lonja and the Born are magnets for tourists.

Javi Rodríguez 31/03/2022

Units beneath Palma's Plaça Major have been closed since September 2019

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No work on Palma Plaça Major units before next year's election

The opposition Partido Popular believe that the town hall administration doesn't really know what to do with the space.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter16/03/2022 10:30