The arrests were made in Sencelles. | Policia Nacional


On Wednesday morning around 8am, the Guardia Civil and National Police arrested three more passengers who "escaped" from the Air Arabia Maroc Airbus after it made an emergency landing at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport on November 5.

The arrests were in Sencelles. As with other passengers already detained, the three men, aged 26, 33 and 35, face charges of sedition and of violating immigration law. Two other people, both aged 37, have also been arrested, suspected of facilitating illegal immigration. They had apparently been helping the three avoid arrest.

So far, 19 people have been arrested. The six others who are wanted include two who are known to have travelled to Barcelona. Most of the arrests were made in the hours following the incident. Four people were detained in Sa Pobla on November 17.