Primary school age children will soon be vaccinated. | Efe


The ANPE teachers union in the Balearics is demanding that booster jab priority is given to teachers once the third Covid dose has been given to health workers and vulnerable people.

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The union is asking the regional education ministry for a meeting to analyse a possible change of scenario, especially after the Christmas holidays. The onset of winter, family gatherings, and the decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine among those who have been vaccinated mean that an increase in infections is "foreseeable".

The union's president in the Balearics, Víctor Villatoro, is warning that, if the education ministry's intention is to maintain face-to-face teaching, "it will be necessary for teachers to have antigen or PCR tests at the start of the second term, to increase the hiring of Covid replacement teachers, and to apply a parallel reduction in classroom ratios".