Vaccination passport now needed.

Vaccination passport now needed.


You will now have to show your Covid passport to enter a bar or cafeteria in the Balearics after the local government introduced new rulings as the number of Covid cases continues to rise.

Initially it was only restaurants which demanded the Covid passport from their clients but it has now been extended to bars and cafeterias as well.

It is expected that the number of infections will increase due to the increase in social gatherings during the Christmas holidays.Therefore the Government believes stricter measure should be adopted and one of them is to extend the COVID certificate requirement to bars, which were exempted two weeks ago.

It is assumed that the extension of the measures will affect shelters, hostels, hotels and other tourist accommodations with shared use rooms.

However, it is possible that the passport requirement may also be extended to cinemas, circuses, gyms and dance academies due to the fact that Mallorca is approaching high risk levels. In Minorca the COVID passport is already required in these areas.


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Charles / Hace about 1 month

50 this week...............


JACQUELINE / Hace about 1 month

Under the certumstances.....Good - Muy bien....


James / Hace about 1 month

It is above 50 capacity. But MDB are working with the State government to coerce people into the vaccine. So they like to leave important detail out.


Per / Hace about 1 month

Is this subject to capacity or across the board?