Part of the mural in the Avenidas car park. | @RTVEBalears


On Friday, a new mural was unveiled in Palma. It is in the Avenidas car park, the work of urban artist Marc Peris, known professionally as Soma.

A tribute to Mallorca's culture, folklore, gastronomy and sea, Palma town hall says that the mural, over 100 metres long, reflects a commitment "to integrate urban art into municipal facilities". Similar projects have been carried out at the Comte de Rosselló and Marqués de la Sènia car parks, where murals have "added colour" and have embellished the car parks.

The artist, accompanied by Palma's mayor, José Hila, and the councillor for sustainable mobility, Francesc Dalmau, visited the new mural on Friday. Soma said: "I wanted to make a declaration of love for Mallorca and to invent images that would connect with what the island represents in my imagination. I looked to show optimism and celebrate life through everything that moves me about this island - from the Sant Antoni demons to the snails and to the architecture."

Dalmau explained that the intention is that car parks should not only be for parking cars, but also be "small museums of urban art". Hila observed that it is part of "a constant task of improving the city and having more art on the streets".