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Someone asked me the other day - do North Mallorca Lions still exist? My answer had to be - “since the start of the Covid pandemic, we have probably been busier than ever”. Then I thought many people might also think we have just disappeared. We haven’t held any of our community activities for almost two years, no fun-filled Film Nights, no wonderful Classical Concerts, no Diabetic Testings, no events where people could buy our home baking or donated paintings or second hand items and no Christmas Market.

So I decided to take stock of what we have achieved and contributed to the local community over the last year. One of our greatest beneficiaries has been the Foodbank at Cors Obert in Pollensa. Every month we have asked them what they needed and then we have bought the goods from a small family-owned local business in order to support local business as well as those needing help with living expenses. We donated more than €7000 of food and hygiene products in 2021.

We have continued our support of victims of Domestic Abuse. Three ladies, each with two children, have had to find new accommodation and each apartment has been part furnished. We asked our friends to give us things they no longer needed and very quickly these families had all the cooking equipment, heaters, bedding, towels and household items they needed. We had great help from “Yachting Gives Back”.

We have been liaising with Support Mutua Pollensa as well as the Foodbanks. Several local families in need have been suffering from cold, with the situation being made more difficult by the high price of electricity. We have donated low-energy heaters, gas stoves, hot water bottles, microwaves and pressure cookers to help them. We bought energy-efficient washing machines. All of these have been purchased locally and many have been funded by individual people in the community who wanted to help. Some of the local shopkeepers have sold us goods at excellent prices to give their support.

In spring 2021, when the need was brought to our notice, we bought new underwear and trainers for about seventy under 18-year-olds. We bought them all a waterproof, windproof jacket and new shoes, which they received along with new socks just before Christmas. Musicmakers and many local people helped with these donations. Allen Graham 4kids gave us clothes from their stock to help children in need. The families received a box of chocolates or preserved peaches and pineapple to open during the festive season.

Being unable to hold fundraising events was concerning to start with. We wanted to help in these difficult times. We are really grateful for the support we have had from people, Friends of North Mallorca Lions, local people and some second-home owners, who have sent money to our charity account held in the local Caixa Colonya Pollensa in the Plaza Mayor. I want to assure you that we spend every donated Euro carefully and full accounts are kept.

Now the Covid situation in Pollensa has improved, we are holding a concert featuring the wonderful Capriccio Quartet, who played for our concerts in March 2019 and 2020. The Capriccio Quartet is a group of international musicians who are playing for the Lions concert to be held in the church of the Sant Domingo convent in Pollensa on Saturday March, 26 at 19.30. This is our contribution to World Women’s Month. Entry will be free. Lions will be collecting donations after the concert. All proceeds will go to help victims of Domestic Violence.

On the 2nd and 9th March, the people of Pollensa came to the main square in solidarity for peace. We provided more than 250 blue and yellow ribbon badges in support of Ukraine. Lions International has been providing aid to the people of Ukraine. Our Lions Clubs in Ukraine are distributing from a bomb shelter. There are more than 470 Lions in 19 clubs in Ukraine. The 56 clubs with more than 1,000 members in Poland are all working hard to help refugees.

Anyone who is interested in supporting us in any way, please contact