The agricultural community is demanding solutions from the Spanish government.


While organisers had spoken of up to 400,000 protesting in Madrid, the Sunday demonstration in Palma by farmers in Mallorca was rather more modest. Some fifty people took part - farmers, livestock breeders, representatives of agricultural business and cooperatives as well as hunters.

The president of the Asaja business association in the Balearics, Joan Company, spoke for the protesters, highlighting the skyrocketing costs of production. Diesel, electricity, phytosanitary products, fertilisers, these have all risen, "while producers' prices haven't risen at all". "It's very difficult to make a living."

An example was given of potatoes. The price per kilo paid to producers needs to rise by between 7 and 10 cents. "Otherwise there won't be any profit."

There were demands that the Spanish government provides solutions to the problems of the agricultural community in the Balearics. Fundamental measures are required to lower production costs and to address competition from elsewhere in Europe where regulations are less demanding. In addition, the prices paid to producers need to improve.