Not all employees in Mallorca will have to wear masks at work. | Enrique Fueris/Sabrina Vidal


Thousands of Balearic Islands employees went to work this morning not knowing if they would have to wear a face mask.

The vast improvement in Covid infections means that masks are no longer needed everywhere, but companies are still waiting to see the final decision in black and white in the Official State Gazette, before they determine whether their employees need to wear one.

The regulations urge companies to assess the risks based on factors such as ventilation and social distancing.

Mercadona has already said that, since the royal decree does not state that masks are mandatory in commercial establishments, only those who are at high risk of infection, such as pregnant women and those over 60 or immunocompromised will be advised to wear one.

At El Corte Inglés, masks are not mandatory for employees serving the public unless customer is wearing one.

But masks are mandatory for supermarket employees, those serving tables, bars or prepared dishes and pastries and in situations where the physical proximity to customers is closer than normal, such as putting on makeup.