Firefighter douses container flames in Es Molinar. | R.S.


An 11-year-old boy has been accused of setting a paper container ablaze in Carrer de l’Adoberia in El Molinar on Tuesday.

Neighbours saw the flames alerted the police and the fire brigade, then quickly took to the streets to douse the flames with buckets of water.

Some residents managed to catch one of the boys involved in the incident and kept hold of him until the National Police arrived.

He claimed that it was his 11-year-old friend that set fire to the container and after identifying the culprit, officers went to his home and spoke to his parents. They then informed the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office who have taken over the investigation.

Locals told police that the gang of boys are well known in the neighbourhood.


The parents of the accused will have to pay for the damage caused by their son. Arson attacks have been causing concern in the Balearic Islands over the last few months and National Police Officers have activated a surveillance device to try to prevent it.