Sant Elm beach, Andratx. | Michel's


Andratx will start the summer season with no beach cleaning services, no umbrellas and no sun beds, thanks to Costas bureaucracy.

The City Council says the beach services at Sant Elm and Camp de Mart can’t be allocated because it’s still waiting for authorisation.

It's the same story at Santa Margalida and Ses Salines which don't have any beach services either.

“We opened the first envelope for the award of beach services a fortnight ago and now we are waiting for authorisation to open the second one,” said Deputy Mayor for the Environment, Llorenç Suau. “We hope that everything will be awarded within the next 10 days.”

Opposition party representatives criticised the delay in awarding beach services and bemoaned the fact that tourists won’t have any sun beds or umbrellas.

Chronic problem

“A superficial, manual cleaning of the sandbanks has been carried out, but not with the machinery that’s used to sift sand and keep the beaches in perfect condition,” argued PP. “All this proves that the Environment and Contracting departments are incapable of solving the problems that this government team has created.”