Motorhomes in Ciutat Jardí, Palma. | Emilio Queriolo


Residents in the Ciutat Jordí neighbourhood of Palma say they are fed up to the back teeth of people parking their motorhomes and camper vans outside their homes, blocking their ocean views and emptying their dirty water into the sewers.

The Resident’s Association says seasonal workers are opting to stay in motorhomes and camper vans because they can’t afford to rent apartments and there are now nearly 100 of them parked in the area and has fired off a bunch of complaints to the Office of the Ombudsman for Citizenship.

The Association says one neighbour has even bought four cars and parked them in front of their house to prevent motorhomes from blocking their view.

"The tourists and surfers don’t cause problems, but it’s unhealthy when there are so many camper vans and motor homes parked here day after day and the occupants are emptying their dirty water into the sewer, which it ends up in the sea,” said Anna Moilanen, defender of Citizenship. “The police are doing an extraordinary job, they force the motorhomes and caravans to move on after 10 days and awnings and camping furniture is banned.”

But with up to 100 caravans and motorhomes descending on Ciutat Jordí on a daily basis, locals say it’s time to take drastic action.

"The problem would be solved if this was an ORA area," said Moilanen, who suggested that a municipal lot be provided for motorhomes and camper vans.