Antonio Cortés with police in Mallorca. | A. Sepúlveda


The Prosecutor's Office is demanding a 25 year jail sentence for a man who brutally beat his wife to death because she wanted to end their marriage.

On November 3, Antonio Cortés picked up Remedios Cortés from her parents home in a red Seat Altea and drove the Son Rossinyol industrial estate. He then allegedly hit her and stabbed her with a screwdriver, before putting her body in the boot of the car. He drove to Camí de Ca na Verda, where Remedios Cortés managed to get out of the car and tried to make a run for it.

The defendant allegedly grabbed her from behind, threw her against a wall and when she fell on the ground he smashed her head in with a stone until she was dead. He then undressed her and dumped her body.

Cortés initially claimed that a car accident caused his wife’s death but eventually confessed to killing her.

Prosecutors are also demanding that the defendant pay 100,000 euros each in compensation to the couple’s four children and 50,000 euros to his inlaws.