NATO ships in PortoPi. | Julián Aguirre


14 NATO ships are docked at Porto Pi naval station this weekend ahead of an ESP Minex-22 exercise.

The ships, a helicopter and more than 700 troops from nine countries will be taking part in manoeuvres in the Balearic Sea until May 6.

The event is organised and by the Navy every year and brings together the Permanent Grouping of Anti-Mine Measures of the Atlantic Alliance and the European Maritime Force, or Euromarfor, under the command of Captain Francisco Javier Ruiz y Ruiz de Carvajal and his staff aboard the maritime action vessel ‘Furor’.

The fleet that’s in Palma this weekend is made up of the Spanish Navy ships ‘Furor’, ‘Meteoro’, ‘Duero’, ‘Tajo’ and ‘Tambre’, ‘Andromede’ and ‘Capricorne’ from the French Marine National; ‘Nunana’ from the Italian Navy; ‘Bad Rapenau’ from the German Bundesmarine and ‘Europi’ from the Greek Polemiko Naftiko.

The open days are: Saturday from 1100-1300 and 1700-1900 and Sunday from 1100-1300.

The objective of the exercises is to detect and deactivate simulated mines around Balearic ports using state-of-the-art autonomous mini-submarine robots and specialised divers.