Brown-orange water in Portitxol. | Federació de Veïnats de sa Ciutat de Palma


Residents in the Portitxol area of Palma suspect that a discolouring of the sea and of the Na Bàrbara torrent is because of a discharge from work being carried out in the Nou Llevant district. On Friday, the water turned a brown-orange colour; more orange in the torrent than in the sea.

Mari Carmen Sastre, a Portitxol resident, says that everyone is "sick and tired" of spills. If it's not rubble in the sea, the water is "whitish" due to faecal spills from the treatment plant. Or it's orange.

"Sometimes there is all this white water; it's like milk. On Friday afternoon it was like this (orange), and today it's still the same. You have to suppose that it's coming from the works. Everything bad ends up in the Portitxol port."

The complaints of these residents are on top of those in El Molinar and Coll d'en Rabassa, where the town hall has to raise red flags because of spills when there is heavy rain. The town hall stresses that work on the new sewer pipes and the tank for waste water and rainwater is well advanced and will prevent these spills in the future.