Some of the waste that has accumulated at the finca.


On C. S'Olivera in Marratxi is an abandoned finca which has attracted squatters in the past and now has one who has set up in business by charging for the illegal dumping of waste.

Marratxi police have ​​received complaints from nearby residents, who say that they have seen vans unloading builders waste - rubble, for instance. The police say that they are waiting for a court ruling regarding the eviction of the squatter and that, at present, their hands are tied. The town hall is trying to locate the owner, believed to be a bank, so that it can at least authorise council workers to enter the property and clean it up.

One resident explains that the squatter is rarely seen in the area. He doesn't think that the squatter has been at the finca that long. But regardless of how long he has been squatting, the resident stresses that the last thing the area needs is an illegal waste-dumping business.

The police are well aware of what's going on. They have in fact fined the occupants of two vans who were found dumping waste at the finca. Patrols in the area have been stepped up.