There is much public support for the revival of the Manacor-Arta line. | MDB


On Friday, President Armengol and the minister for mobility, Josep Marí, met mayors and representatives of a group called 'We want the Llevant Train' to discuss the reopening of the railway from Manacor to Arta.

At this meeting, it was explained that work will be in four phases. These are for the section in Manacor itself; Manacor to Son Carrió; Son Carrió to Son Servera; and Son Servera to Arta. In addition, it was confirmed that there will be two branch lines - one to Cala Millor, which had previously been announced, and the other to Cala Ratjada, about which there had been uncertainty.

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Studies are at present being made of these two branch lines in order to determine their connection points and their routes. With the four main sections there aren't any real issues as the route already exists. There has to now be agreement on the branch lines - their routes and the sites for stations. In this regard, Armengol has thanked mayors (five town halls are involved), business and the public "for the constant demand to recover this project". Commitment will be needed to ensure that agreement can be reached.

Work will start next year. A sum of 30 million euros is to be allocated in the 2023 budget. The cost of the whole project is put at some 120 million; 2027 is when it is due to be completed.

There will also be an alternative for the Green Way for pedestrians and cyclists. This was created after the railway project was definitively scrapped in 2011. It follows the route of where tracks would have been laid. This alternative will be as close as possible to the current one, taking account of safety issues.