Police by the Hotel Bellver - the 'Covid hotel'. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The Supreme Court in Madrid has concluded that the confinement of Spanish students in a Palma hotel in June 2021 was a proportionate measure.

The court has therefore rejected an appeal by the Prosecutor's Office in the Balearics, which had argued that there was insufficient justification to restrict fundamental rights, while there was not detail as to the exposure to coronavirus in each of the some 170 cases.

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The confinement at the Balearic government's 'Covid hotel' followed an outbreak of coronavirus among students in Arenal. Students who had not tested positive were allowed to leave after a court in Palma forced the government to lift the confinement.

The Balearic High Court later overturned this decision, believing that the measure was justified in the midst of a pandemic. This was especially so after many students who were allowed to leave tested positive once back on the mainland. There were specific outbreaks linked to these students in various parts of Spain.

The Supreme Court has now endorsed the ruling of the Balearic High Court. In the midst of the pandemic, the government's measure had met health criteria and was therefore valid. The Madrid court's decision also brings an end to any possible private prosecutions by parents for illegal detention.