Police at the scene of one of the fires. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The National Police have arrested a 30-year-old Spanish man accused of having set fire to two garages in Palma on February 1. In addition to the fires caused on C. Tomás Forteza and C. Jose Rover Motta, he is accused of several thefts.

The first fire broke out around 4am at a large private car park on C. Tomás Forteza. Twenty cars were affected, three of which were completely gutted, as well as several motorcycles. The flames spread rapidly and also affected the false ceiling, some common areas, pipes, fibre optics and electrical wiring. Good ventilation prevented greater damage.

Firefighters spent two hours dealing with the fire. While they were attending to the incident, there was a report of another fire - this one at a parking lot on C. Jose Rover Motta around 200 metres away. Far less damage was caused by this fire.

The person who has been arrested is said to have numerous police records.