The area where the accident happened was sealed off. | Michel's


Four young women aged between 18 and 20 were injured on Monday when a metal barrier at the athletics ground in Magalluf gave way and they fell some three metres.

The accident occurred around 10.30am. The women were leaning on the barrier while performing warm-up exercises. Two were rendered unconscious having suffered head injuries. All four were taken to hospital - two to Son Espases and two to Son Llàtzer.

The ground was closed for a time. When it reopened, the area where the accident happened was sealed off.

A regular user of the track said afterwards that "it's very easy to talk after the event, but the metal barriers have not been in a good condition for a long time". Others complained about the poor condition and mismanagement of the ground. "Until there is an accident like today's, things don't get fixed."