Rafa Nadal, one of the many volunteers. | Jordi Cortina


Manacor town hall having got Rafael Nadal's approval to create a statue to him, the town hall in neighbouring Sant Llorenç has decided to name a street after him.

Unlike Manacor, this isn't because of his sporting prowess. The town hall wants to pay tribute to all the volunteers who helped after the disastrous flooding in October 2018 that resulted in the loss of thirteen lives. Nadal was named an adopted son of Sant Llorenç in October 2021; he is the municipality's only adopted son. This was in recognition of the support he gave in 2018. This was not only his time in assisting with the clean-up; he donated one million euros as part of the appeal for those affected by the floods.

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On Thursday, a council meeting gave its formal approval to change the name of Plaça Jaume Santandreu to Plaça de la Solidaritat in honour of all the volunteers as well as all the funds that were raised and the gifts that were made. The C. Génova will become C. Rafel Nadal; the Catalan Rafel is to be used.

At the council meeting, it was stated that Sant Llorenç wants to continue to thank, years on, the wave of solidarity that followed the tragedy in 2018.