Work began in Sa Coma this morning. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Sa Coma beach is being dug up in search of Civil War graves.
Excavation work began today to uncover potential graves linked to the Bayo landing in August 1936.

On the map of graves, the beach has been identified as one of the possible burial sites of victims of the war, mostly militiamen and militiamen from the Republican side of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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“We know it will be technically very complicated as it is a sandy area. The aim is to find the possible remains of bodies buried during the war or in the days after the reembarkation,” said the Vice-President of the Balearic Government, Juan Pedro Yllanes

This first dig will last around 10 days, during which time archaeological testing probes will be carried out by opening a series of gullies in four previously defined areas where geophysical prospecting and remote sensing have revealed possible alterations to the terrain. A team of archaeologists and anthropologists from Aranzadi and Atics are working in the area.

Yllanes pointed out that “there is an agreement with the hotel association as we are on the verge of Easter and so the work will be carried out for ten days and then it will stop and, in view of the results, the work will resume in autumn. We open pits to close wounds. Perhaps we are facing the main grave of this act of war”.