Jaume Alzamora (right) in Esporles on Tuesday.


Jaume Alzamora, the Més candidate for the presidency of the Council of Mallorca, said on Tuesday that if he becomes president following this May's election, he will pursue a new road plan that evaluates the real possibilities of "reversing" some of the island's road infrastructure. This will be in order to recover space currently dedicated to cars. And while this plan is being assessed, he will seek to create connections between municipalities with bicycle-pedestrian routes.

Alzamora promised to improve public transport and the safety of secondary roads and to eliminate blackspots. The overall objective of the plan would be a "broader, more global and integrated" road policy for transport on the island that takes into account all types of mobility and does not only prioritise private road transport.

"We must change the current paradigm and commit to reducing the use of cars and to promoting public transport."