Our dear volunteer Gaetane with the bell at the Son Llatzer hospital. | Cancer Support Mallorca


On the 28th of June we were happy to inaugurate the Bell of Dreams in Son Llatzer, such bells can be seen in many other major cancer wards and hospitals and it was the desire of our dear volunteer Gaetane to have one put up in Son Llatzer.

For the last year Gaetane has spent nearly every Wednesday outside the day hospital in Son Llatzer, talking to patients as they wait for the treatment, sharing encouragement, helping them select free headware and listening to their stories. So many would come to her elated that they had finished their treatment, and she wanted them to be able to celebrate this moment as many others do around the world.

We would like to thank the AECC and Son Llatzer Oncology ward for their support in this venture.