It is difficult but not impossible, which is why the possibility of an underground car park on the Paseo Marítimo at the Port Authority's expense has not yet been ruled out. Óscar Fidalgo, the Town Planning councillor of Palma City Council, trusts in the change of heart of the new president, Javier Sanz, and warns that the car park "would not entail a substantial change to the project". That is to say, it would not be necessary to make a modification, but rather an addition to the current contract.

"We trust that the Port Authority will be more open or more in line with the interests", added Fidalgo, who maintains the theory that the modification proposed for the Paseo Marítimo by the previous government "is a missed opportunity due to a lack of ambition, it is a facelift, not a deep renovation".

However, Urbanismo is committed to following the execution of what has been approved and wants to integrate the opinion of all the affected parties. For the time being, those responsible for the new administration have already met with the traders' association and the residents' association of the area, with whom they will meet again soon, in order to encourage dialogue with those affected.