Student residence that is available on holiday accommodation websites. | Teresa Ayuga


In the Camp Redó district of Palma is a student residence with nineteen rooms. Not far from what is known as Corea, the roughest part of the city, this is not a prime location. You wouldn't expect it to be for a student residence.

Even so, it does benefit from being ten minutes by car from the beach, the port and airport and twenty minutes on foot from the city centre with "numerous shops, lively bars and Mediterranean restaurants". This is how the student residence is advertised on, through which a night can typically be booked for 120 euros.

A student residence advertised on Booking? How can this be? Well, the rooms aren't always occupied by students. Come the end of the academic year and the students depart; most anyway.

The residence is registered with the Council Mallorca, although strictly speaking it isn't a tourist establishment; it is accommodation for young people, like a youth hostel. The Council hasn't given any further information for data protection reasons.

Whatever the guest profile may be, this residence in a humble area of the city is further evidence of the high demand for visitor accommodation and which therefore facilitates situations such as this.