Rally in Palma last October. | Jaume Morey


Menys Turisme, Més Vida (Less Tourism, More Life) has been a slogan for protests against overtourism in Mallorca. It is now the name of an association. On Friday, this association convened a meeting in Sineu to discuss proposals for cutting overcrowding and to consider protest actions.

"It's going to be an intense summer." This was a message from the assembly hall at Sineu's secondary school. The favoured target for protests was Palma Son Sant Joan Airport. There was talk of bringing the airport to a standstill. Aware of legal issues that protest activity at the airport might entail, it was suggested that a resistance fund be created for payment of any possible fines. No detail was given as to how "collapsing" the airport would be done.

Meeting in Mallorca to discuss tourist overcrowding
The meeting in Sineu on Friday. Photo: Teresa Ayuga.
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Climate activist Pere Joan Femenia told the meeting that there needs to be a shared social response to overtourism and one with which society can identify. The president of environmentalists GOB, Margalida Ramis, stressed the importance of joining forces: "Collective strength is necessary for obtaining an immediate, medium-term and also long-term response." Among proposals such as limiting the number of hire cars was also one for uniting the unions.

Ramis added: "During this period of government we have to change things, because although in three years there may be a change in political colour, we already know that that is not the solution." This was a dig at the left-wing coalition and its apparent failure to tackle overcrowding.

A "massive" demonstration will be organised, although no date was set. Meanwhile, there will be a protest in Palma next Saturday (May 25). It has been called by the Sencelles Banc del Temps collective.