Up to 2,000 euros for a room.


1,900 euros per month is not a typical price for renting a room in Palma, but there is at least one example.

At around half this price there is more on offer. Ten years or so ago, a large apartment in Palma could have been rented for 1,000 euros. Go back fifteen years and a three-bedroom apartment was usually around 700 euros.

Natalia Bueno, the vice-president of the API association of real estate agents, says that subletting is becoming a way of life - "with or without the owner's permission". There are, she suggests, "fiscal" implications of doing this. Is any tax being paid?

For owners, there is a trend towards renovation that eliminates living rooms in order to create an extra bedroom and therefore generate more rental income.

Adverts tend to specify the type of tenant, e.g. seasonal worker or cabin crew. There again, this can apply to renting whole apartments. But an impact can be that family tenants are more marginalised.