Moment when the policeman asks for silence in several languages. | Última hora


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Emergency teams are working against the clock, and aware of the urgency and have requested silence from the onlookers gathered at the scene to hear the injured still trapped in the rubble.

A National Police officer made this request in Spanish, English, and French. Accompanying the officer was Senior Chief José Luis Santafé, who, along with Chief of the Local Police Guillem Mascaró, arrived at the scene of the tragedy.

Moments later, silence enveloped the area, broken only by the sound of the waves. Emergency teams are working to locate more victims in the wreckage of the Medusa. A drone has joined the effort to aid in the rescue operations.

It appears that many of the injured, up to seven of them, are in critical condition, suffering very serious injuries, and there are fears for their lives. The next few hours are essential to determine the outcome. All the injured have been quickly distributed and transferred in the ambulances that arrived at the scene, where technicians have also attended to the more lightly injured on-site, most of them with thermal blankets to protect them after the incident.

Numerous personnel are still working in the area and will be working well into the night, especially trying to find out if there are still people trapped inside, as the establishment has two floors and a basement, in which some workers could have been trapped. To do this, the emergency crews need silence, so they have cordoned off the area and are trying to maintain order in order to be able to work effectively.