Inspectors at the scene in Playa de Palma. | MDB


The building that collapsed in Playa de Palma on Thursday evening was subject to Palma town hall sanctions for breaches of planning regulations several years ago; these date back to 2013.

It is a building that has undergone alterations (extension) over the years from a time when it was a Mexican restaurant.

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It was C. Cartago 36 on the beachfront between Balnearios 1 and 2 that collapsed, but the Medusa Beach Club in fact occupies more than one premises. Inspectors are now said to be assessing whether a pillar between two terraces had been removed.

Neighbours have drawn attention to this possibility, and they are also suggesting that certain Dutch 'businesspeople' have been doing much as they please in the area for years. It's hearsay, but it is claimed that there are links to the drugs trade.

Responding to the tragic events of last Thursday and to information given by local people, the planning department at the town hall is intensifying checks on premises in Playa de Palma to ensure that they have all the necessary and up-to-date building and activities licences.