Motorhomes in Ciudad Jardín, Palma. | Gemma Marchena


Figures from the traffic directorate (DGT) indicate that there were 4,232 mobile home vehicles of one type or another registered in the Balearics in 2023. In 2014 there were 940.

The DGT has various classifications for these vehicles - from caravans to motorhomes. More than half were motorhomes - 2,265 in 2023 - compared with 417 in 2014.

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The directorate does not and cannot classify the purpose, whether they are for living in or for leisure use. An implication of the increase is that it is because people are using them to live in.

This said, the pandemic led to something of a boom in motorhomes for leisure use, as they were considered to be advantageous in terms of social distancing.