Palma firefighters collecting pieces of the collapsed terrace to send them to the laboratory. | MDB Digital - ALEX SEPULVEDA


Early this morning, technicians from Palma Town Hall's Town Planning department, in collaboration with the Palma Fire Brigade, conducted a reconstruction of the Medusa Beach Club collapse. The experts collected structural elements, including remains of the terrace and various debris, to be sent to a prestigious laboratory for resistance testing.

These findings will be crucial in strengthening the comprehensive technical report being prepared by the municipal experts. If the technical reports confirm the existence of illegal works or lack of proper licenses, agents from the National Police Homicide Group will proceed with charging the owners of the Medusa Beach Club, which collapsed last Thursday.

Sources close to the case indicate that, should evidence of illegal works or significant unauthorized modifications be found, the owners of the tourist establishment will face charges of four counts four counts of manslaughter (Homicidio imprudente can be taken to mean manslaughter, and Spanish law distinguishes between reckless and negligent homicide; the former is the more serious) and serious injuries to up to 16 people. These charges will be pursued in criminal court. Additionally, civil proceedings are expected to begin, potentially sparking a major conflict between insurance companies and the owners over the millions in compensation payments.

Fundraising campaign

Playa de Palma remains in mourning, deeply affected by the Medusa Beach Club collapse that claimed four lives. The tragedy has left a lasting impact on the community, with thousands visiting the site to pay their respects. In a show of solidarity, local residents and friends have established a Bizum account (a mobile payment method promoted by Spanish banks that allows sending and receiving money between individuals) to support the families of Mame Diarra and Abdoulaye Diop.

A commemorative poster at the site displays a phone number and a message requesting public cooperation. Residents have been leaving tributes, such as flowers, wreaths, and heartfelt messages, in memory of the victims. This tragic event has touched the entire island and resonated internationally. Every day, people continue to visit Medusa Beach Club, leaving mementos to honor the deceased.

The bravery of those who prevented the disaster from becoming even worse has also been recognised. A dedicated corner on the impromptu tribute wall honors the Palma firefighters, National Police officers, and Local Police who responded to the incident. Among the tributes is a firefighter's boot with a bouquet of flowers, a poignant symbol of their heroism. The selfless actions of volunteers who risked their lives to help are also prominently acknowledged.

Only one of the 16 injured remains in hospital

One of the 16 people injured in the fatal collapse of Medusa Beach, the venue in Playa de Palma that collapsed last week, is still in a Balearic health centre. The victim is progressing favourably. This is according to the latest update provided on Monday by the Balearic Health Service (IB-Salut), which has detailed that the patient is admitted to Juaneda Hospitals.