Brief images of the attack.


In recent days, a number of violent incidents are said to have occurred in Arenal. These have involved residents looking for Algerians and attacking them.

The brief video here shows a group attacking two Algerians on the promenade. They pulled up in a car and used clubs and chains in the attack. When passers-by shouted out, they got back into the car and left.

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This happened around dusk at the weekend in the Palma part of Arenal. The National Police, who have videos of the incident, are in charge of the investigation. It was in the Llucmajor part of Arenal where tensions last week led to threats to lynch a group of Algerians.

In Llucmajor, the Guardia Civil and the local police are maintaining a strong presence, the problems with Algerians having shifted from the Palma district of Son Gotleu. Held responsible for break-ins and violent crimes, they were driven out of Son Gotleu by residents. In Arenal, residents are also wanting to remove them from their territory.