The signs are in different languages. | Ajuntament d'Alcudia


In March 2023, Alcudia town hall introduced a new bylaw designed to protect natural spaces from vehicles such as quads and buggies. This ordinance applied to two areas in particular - La Victoria and the Puig de Sant Martí.

Both have protected status - ANEI, a natural area of special protection; and AANP, a natural area with a high level of protection. But passing a bylaw is only as good as its enforcement, so the town hall has now gone one step further in putting up signs outlining the regulations.

The town hall says that "tourist itineraries" using the likes of buggies are not permitted. It remains to be seen whether the regulations are adhered to. Fines range from 200 to 600 euros.

When the bylaw was passed last year, there was talk of establishing a rural police unit to help with the control of these vehicles. However, there was a lack of police officers.