The traffic directorate has four badges for different types of vehicle. | MDB


The draft bylaw for establishing the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the centre of Palma is now out for public consultation and will be until June 28. If all goes according to schedule, the zone will be operative from the first of January, 2025.

There will be sixteen cameras for checking number plates. These cameras are marked in green on the map below. The zone itself is within the red perimeter (essentially the Avenidas). ZBE = LEZ.

Map for Palma Mallorca Low Emissions Zone

The first phase of the LEZ will be from 2025 and 2027; vehicles classified as Category A will be prohibited from entering the LEZ. These are petrol vehicles registered before 2001 and diesel vehicles before 2006.

By 2030, only vehicles with an ECO or 0 environmental badge will be allowed to enter, e.g. electric vehicles or vehicles running on natural gas.

The traffic directorate (DGT) has badges for four classifications of vehicle (as shown in the image). B (yellow) is for petrol vehicles registered from 2001 and diesel vehicles from 2006. C (green) is for petrol vehicles from January 2006 and diesel vehicles from September 2015.

There will be certain exceptions, such as vehicles registered to people living at an address inside the LEZ.

This link explains more about the classifications and also gives information as to how to obtain the badges -