File photo of local police in Magalluf. | ARCHIVO


Early Tuesday morning in Magalluf, Calvia local police arrested an 18-year-old British tourist for assaulting a female officer. The incident occurred outside a popular restaurant. The young man faces charges of assault, minor injury, and minor damage, as he broke the officer's mobile phone during the attack. Although the judge released him, his passport was confiscated until he compensates for the damage to the phone.

Judicial sources reported that the events unfolded just before 1am. Local police received a radio alert about an unconscious young woman inside the restaurant, attributed to alcohol consumption and an accidental fall. After assessing her condition, the officers called for an ambulance. While waiting for the ambulance, another disturbance erupted outside the establishment.

A crowd of people began arguing and spilling out into the street, prompting the local police officers to intervene. Amid the chaos, the arrested man was seen relentlessly assaulting another tourist. As the officers attempted to separate them to prevent further escalation, the 18-year-old confronted the police. He grabbed one officer by the arm, and when her colleague tried to help, he pushed her to the ground and began slapping her.

Despite the struggle, the officers managed to restrain the British tourist. The assaulted policewoman suffered bleeding wounds on her knees and elbow and sought medical assistance. Additionally, her mobile phone was damaged during the altercation.

The arrested tourist, who was staying at a hotel in Magalluf, was brought to court later that day. The magistrate on duty decided to release him but retained his passport, ensuring he cannot leave the island until he pays for the officer's damaged phone.