A special stretcher was needed to move the motorcyclist. | C. V.


A 50-year-old motorcyclist is in hospital with a serious spinal injury after being knocked off his Honda 125 by a car in the Bendinat area on Wednesday afternoon. The driver failed to stop.

Around 5pm, a driver took the Bendinat exit from the motorway and saw the Honda by the guardrail. He pulled over onto the hard shoulder and then saw the motorcyclist who was lying face up on a slope to the side of the road.

The motorcyclist was able to explain that he had been hit from behind by a dark-coloured vehicle that had been travelling at high speed.

He was put in a neck brace by medics before being moved with a special stretcher to ensure his spinal injury wasn't aggravated.

There are a number of cameras in the area. The Guardia Civil are examining footage in the search for the driver.