Rafa Nadal attends the students’ graduation ceremony every year. | Rafa Nadal Academy


In a few days, 39 students will graduate from the Rafa Nadal International School in Manacor and tennis ace, Rafa Nadal will attend the ceremony.

It’s the culmination of a complicated year, during which the continuous growth at the school has become a reference for education in the Balearic Islands. Despite the complexities, the Rafa Nadal International School will continue with its growth plan for 2022 and meet the high demand for places in the next school year.

Director, Alexander Marcos Walker coordinates a great team of teachers whose objective is to provide the students with an international education, based on excellence and the values that Rafa Nadal is known for.

“Despite such difficult circumstances, we have managed to maintain educational excellence, either in person or remotely. We have followed all Government regulations and in many cases we have gone above and beyond what is required thanks to our healthcare partner, Quirón Salud, who’ve helped us to make sure that our environment is the best it can be at all times,” says Alexander Marcos Walker.

Primary school has completed it’s second year at the Rafa Nadal Academy

Digitisation of the entire school was key during the pandemic and by installing cameras in all classrooms, students were able to follow the classes live if they were unable attend in person for health reasons, or because of confinement, trips, or tennis tournaments.
All sessions are stored so students can also view the classes at any other time of the week.

The school’s educational project is not just for tennis players at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.

“The school is attended by tennis players and non-tennis players and we have about 45 students from all over the world. It’s very gratifying to see the great atmosphere between students and their families.

“Although the school started as a high school, our elementary school plan expansion has been welcomed by many families. Linguistic and cultural immersion is very important for the children and in primary and secondary school all our teachers are natives with international experience,” he adds.

The international environment enhances the students’ education

The Rafa Nadal International School has state-of-the-art facilities, including large open-air spaces, an indoor swimming pool, a football field, a sports court and more than 27 tennis courts, so students can enjoy numerous extracurricular activities on Campus.
One of the basic pillars of the Rafa Nadal International School is to help students manage their future and obtain scholarships for some of the best universities in the United States.

“We have an orientation service in the school, which prepares students for university and for their SATs university entrance exams in America and the rest of the world,” says Alexander Marcos Walker.

Thanks to the scholarships they’ve obtained, the students will head for the US after graduating from the Rafa Nadal International School in two weeks time.