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Glory days

“Molango helped bring back the glory days to Real Mallorca football club...”

Jason Moore14/02/2020 09:20

The former general manager of Real Mallorca, Maheta Molango

Fan's View

Real Mallorca sack general manager Maheta Molango

Under Molango leadership, Mallorca won back to back promotions and returned to La Liga after a six-year absence.

Monro Bryce11/02/2020 15:32

Maheta Molango is continuing for now.

Real Mallorca

Segunda B: A division lost in no-man's land

General manager Maheta Molango and his sidekick director of football Javi Recio have been given a stay of execution.

Monro Bryce18/06/2017 00:00

Player effigies hanged at the stadium.

Real Mallorca

Real Mallorca fans vent their fury

We had smoke bombs, flares and the bus was pelted with eggs. It turned very, very ugly.

Monro Bryce13/06/2017 00:00

The team arrived back in Palma this morning. There were no fans to greet them.

Real Mallorca

Real Mallorca facing total meltdown

With the club having debts of around 25 million euros, one wonders if the American owners will keep to their word of being in for the long term.

Monro Bryce05/06/2017 00:00

Maheta Molango, realistic about the coming season.

Real Mallorca

A whole new ball game as Real Mallorca look forward to the coming season

Maheta Molango: "We want to bring the passion, the fun back into football."

Humphrey Carter28/07/2016 00:00