Firefighters work next to a flooded car, after heavy rains hit Italy's Emilia Romagna region, in Faenza, Italy, May 18, 2023. REUTERS/Claudia Greco | CLAUDIA GRECO


This weekend will see showers and storms - especially intense in some areas move across the Balearics - but the met. office has stated today that they will neither be as long-lasting nor as heavy as those in Italy this week which have caused severe flooding and at least nine deaths, according to experts from Meteored.

Meteored is forecasting locally intense storms in certain parts of Spain, especially in the south and the eastern half and the Balearics.

There is also the possibility of local flooding or flash floods and hail in some areas, something “usual for this time of year”.

The graphic below shows precipitation over the next 7 or 8 days. Friday and Saturday affecting a large part of the territory, other days in the form of isolated showers. Temperatures remain cool, with a tendency to rise towards the end of next week.

Meteored meteorologist Samuel Biener has forecast that the rains will not be “long-lasting and heavy” like those in Italy, nor will they alleviate the drought situation.

Data show that the first fortnight of May in Italy has been “historic”, with some areas exceeding the usual seven to eight-month average (500 litres per square metre).