Es Trenc. The Wednesday forecast for Campos is partly cloudy in the morning , clearing later and then clouding over by the evening. A southwest breeze and a high of 31C. | Archive


A partly cloudy day expected, especially in some central and southern areas of Mallorca. Note that the UV rating is now up to ten.

Cloud expected to build up everywhere by the evening, the probability of rain overnight and into Thursday having risen to 100%.

There's still no suggestion that rain will be particularly heavy. If there is rain, it could be muddy. The dust cloud from Africa was mostly to the east of the Balearics on Tuesday, but on Tuesday afternoon (6pm) the sky does point to dust in suspension in the atmosphere.

There is an amber alert for 'rissaga' in Menorca on both Wednesday and Thursday. This is the meteotsunami that is not uncommon during the summer months. Mallorca may just be affected as well, but there is no alert for the coasts.

As suggested in yesterday's report, there were 'tropical' nights for much of Mallorca overnight on Monday. The minimum in Portopi (Palma) was 22.8C, then 21.9 in Colonia Sant Pere. A repeat is likely on Tuesday night.

Forecast for Wednesday as of Tuesday 6pm (UV rating 10):

  • Alcudia (19C) 32C, moderate north breeze easing to calm; humidity 50%. Three-day forecast - Thu: 28, Fri: 28, Sat: 29.
  • Andratx (19C) 28C, light south breeze backing southeast; humidity 55%. Thu: 26, Fri: 28, Sat: 27.
  • Binissalem (18C) 33C, gentle southwest breeze; humidity 45%. Thu: 29, Fri: 31, Sat: 31.
  • Deya (19C) 28C, light north breeze veering east; humidity 35%. Thu: 26, Fri: 27, Sat: 28.
  • Palma (20C) 29C, gentle south breeze easing to light; humidity 55%. Thu: 27, Fri: 29, Sat: 28.
  • Pollensa (19C) 32C, gentle north breeze easing to calm; humidity 50%. Thu: 30, Fri: 29, Sat: 30.
  • Porreres (18C) 33C, gentle south breeze veering southwest; humidity 40%. Thu: 29, Fri: 31, Sat: 31.
  • Sant Llorenç (19C) 32C, moderate southeast breeze easing to light west; humidity 50%. Thu: 30, Fri: 29, Sat: 31.
  • Santanyi (18C) 29C, moderate southwest breeze easing to light south; humidity 50%. Thu: 27, Fri: 28, Sat: 28.
  • Sineu (19C) 33C, light south breeze veering southwest; humidity 40%. Thu: 29, Fri: 32, Sat: 31.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19; moderate to 28.

Tuesday summary (as of 6pm) - Highs of 34.8 Binissalem, 34.5 Palma University and Porreres, 34.4 Llucmajor, 33.3 Sineu, 33.1 Manacor, 32.8 Petra, 32.7 Santa Maria, 32.6 Can Sion (Campos), 32.1 Son Bonet (Marratxi), 32.0 Arta, 31.5 Es Capdellà and Son Servera, 31.4 Palma Airport, 31.2 Lluc, 31.0 Son Torrella (Escorca), 30.8 Palma Port and Sa Pobla, 30.6 Santanyi, 30.2 Pollensa and Salines Llevant (Campos); Lows of 13.1 Son Torrella, 17.2 Palma University and Sant Elm, 17.5 Serra Alfabia (Bunyola).