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A packed port of Palma

Yesterday, the Port of Palma witnessed the meeting of some of the most prestigious and luxurious cruise liners afloat in the Mediterranean this year.

Humphrey Carter

Britt Ekland


“I am a Bond girl and always will be

The most photographed woman and actress in the 70’s, Britt Ekland, finally came to Palma yesterday to inaugurate an homage to the late British director, Guy Hamilton, known for his James Bond films and other movie classics.

Humphrey Carter



Airport responds to ‘terminal Brit” complaints

It looks like the so-called ‘terminal Brit’ at Palma airport about which there have been numerous complaints, as highlighted in the Bulletin yesterday, is going to be cleaned up and services improved.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


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Islamic group arrested in Majorca

Six arrested in Palma, Britain, Germany for Islamist militant links.

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A big mistake

Two of the most powerful women in Britain... but they both committed a highly costly error, they underestimated the electorate and their own popularity.

Jason Moore

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Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor

Brexit is turning out to be a disaster and unless a lifeboat can be found and quickly to salvage what is left I fear that all the hopes of a stronger more independent UK trading with the EU and the rest of the world voted for last year will disappear into the fog of dissension.

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