Brexit is turning into a disaster

Dear Sir,
Brexit is turning out to be a disaster and unless a lifeboat can be found and quickly to salvage what is left I fear that all the hopes of a stronger more independent UK trading with the EU and the rest of the world voted for last year will disappear into the fog of dissension.
Possibly the “revolution” of the young voter has come at the wrong time for their own good. I have never doubted Jeremy Corbyn’s sincerity since his emergence from the back benches but his rhetoric and his evangelistic preaching has galvanised a generation of young people who believe he can lead them to “the promised land”. Having lived through four Labour governments I very much doubt this is a possibility. I believe that statistics show that under the years of the Blair/Brown administration the gap between rich and poor got wider than under the Tories, yet the same old cliches come out time and again with red book in hand.
I have children and grandchildren and I want a better future for them, I want a UK well governed and with compassion but weakening the position of our representatives in the Brexit talks at this time will, I fear, only result in us being cast adrift in Europe without a rudder. If we stay in EU and Brexit does not happen we shall for a generation or two be voiceless in this organisation. An organisation that does not allow the elected representatives control over the law. The Brussels administration is the mirror image of our own Parliament where the unelected body of bureaucrats control the law and the elected Parliament advise. We have seen in recent months how the House of Lords cannot block the will of the commons unlike Brussels, the two cannot be compared. I believe the Brussels constitution has been at the centre of most of it’s ills and certainly has lead to distrust and resentment in the UK and in other parts of Europe resulting in the Brexit vote. Theresa May ran an abortive election campaign and I did understand her reasons for calling the election at that time. A strong united resolve was needed to enter the Brexit talks which would have benefited us all in the long run. Now we are the lame duck of Europe and I expect a laughing stock in Brussels. I believe the irony is that the strong Labour vote in the last election will do more harm than good to those who most need help.
John Bristow
Cala d’Or