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German property developer Matthias Kühn in Mallorca.

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Court is blocking 96 million euros compensation payment to property developer Matthias Kühn

The Balearic government has paid compensation owed to the property developer, but the high court is holding on to the money.

Andrew Ede

Colonia Sant Pere in Mallorca

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Colonia Sant Pere water supplies in "a very delicate situation"

Work has started on a new well, but prospects for the coming months are not at all favourable.

Andrew Ede

Woman accused of murdering her baby in Mallorca

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Woman accused of murdering her baby in Porto Cristo is released on bail

On November 2 last year, a baby was thrown into a rubbish container.

Andrew Ede

The world-famous British band Depeche Mode will donate around 80,000 euros to the fight against plastic pollution in Mallorca.

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Legendary British band donates €80,000 to the fight against plastics in Mallorca

The Plastic Free Mallorca project aims to minimise the environmental impact caused by the use of plastics.

Humphrey Carter

Protest by residents of Son Gotleu in Palma, Mallorca

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Residents of Son Gotleu in Palma demand the expulsion of Algerians

Different communities were united in calling for an end to the violence.

Andrew Ede

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Passengers arriving at Son Sant Joan airport in Palma


When the key players are missing...

“How can you devise a future tourism model for the Balearics without the tour operators, travel agents and airlines?”

Jason Moore

Finding affordable housing in Mallorca


“If I have to move out of my flat, I’m off the island”

“The answer to the question how things should continue on the island can therefore only be: not like this!”

Patrick Czelinski

The weather is Mallorca's biggest attraction, like it or not.


Mallorca a victim of its own success

At the end of the day, Mallorca is a sunshine beach destination for the vast majority which can no longer afford to rest on its laurels.

Humphrey Carter

News / Celebs
Jurgen Klopp's multi-million euro house in Santa Ponsa.


Klopp can’t wait to move into his new luxury Mallorca home

"I like the weather, the climate, I like the people."

Humphrey Carter

Kylie and Kendal in Deya.


The Kardashians storm Mallorca

It is not the first time Kris Jenner has visited the island.

MDB DigitalHumphrey Carter

Holiday / Lifestyle
Originally from Holland, James has been based in Mallorca since 2016

Yacht Business Focus in Mallorca

James van Bregt shares the yachting secrets of Mallorca

Here in Palma we deal primarily with yachts, organising whatever they need, from berth booking and itineraries to cash-to-master, flowers, entertainment, the works.

Erica Lay

Daily Horoscope

What does your horoscope say about you today: Friday, May 31

Innovative ideas and unique experiences abound

MDB Digital

Holiday / Beaches
Protest group Mallorca Platja Tour took to social media, posting on X, formerly Twitter: “We urge residents to fill the beaches of Mallorca as a demonstration against overcrowding.”


British media all set for Mallorca beach protest as pink lilos invade Palma

This Saturday is the build up to a big protest planned for June 16.

Humphrey Carter

The giant jellyfish.


Giant jellyfish lurking in the Balearics

Several specimens of giant jellyfish have been seen off the coast of Mallorca in recent years.

Humphrey Carter

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P&O's Arvia Cruise Ship


Find out which ships are in port today

P&O's Arvia is one of the cruise ships visiting Palma today

Cathy Caliz

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Weather in Palma for Friday, May 31

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Overcast skies in Palma on Friday

Carry your umbrellas as there's an 81% probability of precipitation later during the day.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Colonia Sant Jordi, Mallorca

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Saturday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Saturday, the first of June.

Andrew Ede

Sport / Real Mallorca
Cartoon of Real Mallorca coach Jagoba Arrasate

Real Mallorca

Mallorca enters a new phase with Jagoba Arrasate

Mallorca's new coach has spent six successful seasons in Pamplona

Monro Bryce

Food and drink / Food and drink

Food and drink

Cooking with Marc Fosh: It's Salad time!

Teansform a dull bowl of leaves into something fancy.

Marc Fosh

Food and drink

Cocktail Hour: Cocco - Portixol

Es Portitxol is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Palma.

Mia Naprta

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