Finding affordable housing in Mallorca. | Gemma Marchena


What distinguishes the current discussions surrounding the issues of massification, overcrowding and housing shortages in Mallorca from similar discussions before the pandemic? Quite simply, the problem has now reached the centre of society. It no longer “only” affects seasonal workers from Andalusia, who now avoid Mallorca because they can no longer find an affordable room here. Or poorly educated “mileuristas” who have to live with mum until they are 35 because their 1000 euro salary is not even enough to eat.

If € 2,500 rent for a simple city flat becomes the norm, then these issues will also affect every normal earner living on this island. When even company executives, doctors or lawyers can no longer afford to live in a reasonably decent barrio, then something has gone wrong.

The phrase “If I have to move out of my flat, I’m off the island” has unfortunately become the norm, even for people who, according to statistics, are considered “high earners”. Then there are the problems of everyday life: overcrowded buses, constant traffic jams, the lack of parking spaces (in the city and on the beach) and taxis in summer, overpriced restaurants where you have to leave a credit card with every reservation, and much, much more ... In short, the fact that the high quality of life on the island has attracted and continues to attract more and more people is slowly eroding the quality of life of the locals.

This is neither the fault of tourism itself nor of the people who visit Mallorca or decide to live here. It is simply due to the fact that Mallorca’s infrastructure has reached or exceeded its limits. The answer to the question how things should continue on the island can therefore only be: not like this! Politicians would do well to address the issue. It remains to be seen what solutions, if any, might look like. Otherwise, Mallorca is threatened with a kind of exodus - and with it the loss of what makes this island special. It would then be nothing more than a beautiful backdrop.