Marc Fosh
Marc Fosh

Marc Fosh is the first and only British Chef to be awarded a Michelin Star in Spain.
Marc Fosh Restaurant is located in Palma’s Convent de la Missio where contemporary design blends seamlessly with traditional features and modern art. The restaurant opened to rave reviews and has quickly become Palma’s premiere culinary destination.

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Put the lime in the coconut…

Among this week’s recipes is a sinfully delicious coconut banoffee.

Marc Fosh 12/01/2024 10:20

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Cooking the French classics with Marc Fosh

In a world where instant gratification is sought and often encouraged, lingering over a saucepan in a warm kitchen, as you gently add a few more vegetables or aromatic herbs has its benefits.

Marc Fosh 13/12/2023 10:15

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Olé for olives from Spain!

In the Mediterranean region we are blessed with a staggering 93% of the approximately 800 million olive trees in the world.

Marc Fosh 10/12/2023 11:35

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Cooking with Marc Fosh: Breaking Bread

Let’s be honest, nothing beats the taste and smell of home-baked bread and it's so satisfying to make your own.

Marc Fosh 30/11/2023 09:49

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The world is your oyster...

A saltwater bivalve with a sea-salty flavour and a succulent texture, oysters were once the food of the poor and were mainly used to bulk out dishes such as pies, soups, and stews.

Marc Fosh 28/11/2023 15:15

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Pears "Belle Hélène"

Made by poaching pears in a sugar syrup and served with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate sauce, it is so simple but utterly delicious!

Marc Fosh 22/11/2023 14:52

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I've got truffle on my mind...

Sometimes known as the diamonds of the kitchen, truffles are among the world’s most elusive and rarest fungi and can take years to mature.

Marc Fosh 15/11/2023 12:54

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Fish pie - The ultimate comfort food!

“The secret to a well-made béchamel is to make your milk as flavoursome as possible...”

Marc Fosh 07/11/2023 10:11

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Eat the seasons with fresh Pumpkin!

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s once again time to cook up a few classic pumpkin recipes.

Marc Fosh 24/10/2023 12:22

Food and drink

Popeye’s secret weapon

The benefits to adding this vegetable to your diet are numerous and regular consumption of this food will certainly help to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Marc Fosh 02/10/2023 15:38

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There’s so much more to the chickpea than Hummus!

“They have a wonderful texture and it’s such a joy to be cooking with them right now. I love all legumes but the humble chickpea; known here in Spain as garbanzos, are my favourites.”

Marc Fosh 26/09/2023 16:46

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World Chocolate Day: Happy baking!

“I adore the smell of a cake baking in the oven, its one of those heartwarming aromas that remind us of a better time and the comforts of home.”

Marc Fosh 13/09/2023 14:34

Food and drink

The perfect summer lunch

I can't think of anything better than a simple tomato salad, “ensaladilla Rusa” and fat Soller prawns cooked “a la Sal” for the perfect Spanish-style al fresco lunch!

Marc Fosh 01/09/2023 10:31

Food and drink

Time for gravad lax

In my view there is no substitute to seasonal wild salmon in terms flavour and texture.

Marc Fosh 06/06/2023 11:22

Food and drink

Behold the humble anchovy!

For most people, anchovies are a love or hate ingredient when they are salted, but I must admit that I love them.

Marc Fosh 29/05/2023 15:34

Food and drink

Eat the seasons with Fresh Apricots

I often find that fresh Apricots can be improved with a little cooking...

Marc Fosh 19/05/2023 15:20

Food and drink

Simple Spanish desserts

At its heart, crème caramel or “Flan” is nothing but a winning combination of just two basic components…custard and caramel.

Marc Fosh 12/05/2023 13:43

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Mallorcan slow food

Long considered a delicacy in Mallorca, snails have in fact been an integral part of the island’s cuisine since time immemorial and in most traditional restaurants, you’ll probably find somebody sitting down and working their way through a large plateful of them

Marc Fosh 28/04/2023 13:12

Food and drink

Sweet Crustacean

These amazing creatures are in season from April to late autumn so it’s the perfect time to enjoy their delicate, fragrant and delicious meat.

Marc Fosh 20/04/2023 15:26

Food and drink

It’s time to enjoy the asparagus season once again

When choosing asparagus, look for firm, brightly- coloured spears with tight, crisp tips.

Marc Fosh 14/04/2023 14:41