Roast chicken

Chicken Time

Free-range birds can forage all day, the combination of the outdoor life and a balanced maize fed diet all help to ensure succulence and flavour, and a firmer texture.


The Power of the Pomegranate

This anti-oxidant powerhouse can actually help keep us out of the grave and Pomegranate juice is rich in vitamin C but it also stains, so be careful when preparing them.

Fresh figs after being picked.

The return of the fig

Higos frescos”, as they are known in Spain, are one of the oldest known fruits known to man.

Pot roast quail

Hail the quail...

Originally native to the Middle East, quails are now found across Europe. As it’s a small bird, one will serve one person as a starter, but you’ll need at least two as a main course.

Summer ice creams

The big chill

Preparing these ice creams is the easiest thing in the world and all you’ll need is some Popsicle moulds, a few sticks, and a blender.

Tomatoes in the summer

Summer time

The Spanish love tomatoes so much they celebrate them with the traditional Tomatina Fiesta.

Summer fruit drinks

Refreshingly smooth

It’s time to dust off the juicer and get inspired by all those delicious summer fruits that are in season right now!