Grilled Tandoori Chicken Salad with minted Cucumber raita.


Fresh mint goes well with avocado, melon, peas, mango and aubergines, especially when they are spiced and char grilled until tender.

Courgette Carbonara.

My Favourite pasta sauces

There are literally hundreds of delicious pasta sauces you can try, so it’s time to take a break from the boring Bolognese and broaden your repertoire with a few fresh ideas for the perfect pasta dish.

Once you have your fresh pasta cooked, its time to get creative again with a few delicious sauces.

The cooking challenge

Our restaurant will hopefully be up and running by the beginning of July and we are really looking forward to welcoming guests back.

Fish stall at Palma market.

Fish supper

The fish market is always the main attraction for me and it’s probably the easiest place to spot the signs of quality as it’s impossible to disguise super-fresh seafood.

Chocolate Tart.

Chefs, rock stars? I don’t think so!

When I first started cooking, chefs were mostly unsung heroes who stayed firmly tied their kitchens stoves and never ventured out into the dining room seeking approval every five minutes from their adoring fans.