Spanish Mussels, along with clams, appear in just about every seafood dish you care to imagine from the ubiquitous Paella to the various fish soups, stews and calderetas all along Spain’s vast coastline.

Aubergines, plump, pear-shaped variety.

Eat the seasons… with aubergines!

Although the plump, pear-shaped variety, with its near-black shiny-skinned exterior, is probably the most familiar type to most of us, aubergines come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes.


Stone Love

There are few fruits that come in such a panorama of shapes, sizes and colours and I really think sweet-sour, aromatic plums, bursting with flavour are a very underrated ingredient.

Cooking With Flames

Open fire cooking and fine dining have become firm friends in recent years and chefs around the world are slowly returning this age-old art form.

Easy Salad Dressing

At first glance, making vinaigrettes could not be simpler: just a swirl of oil, a dash of vinegar, seasoning, and perhaps some mustard and herbs.