Hanstaiger X1. A revolutionary Yacht. | Youtube: Hanstaiger X1


The ‘Batman' yacht, which was inspired by the Batmobile aims to revolutionise the Nautical Sector and is one of the star attractions of the Palma International Boat show which starts today in the Balearic capital.

The futuristic style X-1 Hanstaiger yacht, which was designed and manufactured by Hanstaiger in Alicante, who describe it as "a work of art, not just a boat.»

It’s almost 20 metres long and can reach 20 knots with sails, and 30 knots with the motor.

The X-1 is a very limited edition, it's hull is built in one piece and it’s available in either carbon fibre or glass, according to the client's demands.

X-1 Hanstaiger.

She has a luxurious light-filled interior, a 65 m2 living room and a 30 m2 main cabin.

The X-1 also features an impressive flybridge deck with ample seating, sun loungers, a fully equipped kitchen and a Jacuzzi.

She can accommodate up to 9 guests and she costs between 1.9 and 3.4 million euros, depending on the configurations chosen by the client.